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Reliable financial partners can often be difficult to come by in the business world. You want to find a services company that offers funding options that truly benefit your business, but all you really wind up finding is more ways to add debt to your bottom line. Your staffing company is in constant need of funding to keep your workers happy and your clients even happier. 1st Commercial Credit is that financial partner you have been looking for that will help you to meet all of your regular economic obligations and help pave the way for your company's future growth as well.

1st Commercial Credit has one thing that most other invoice factoring companies do not have and that is experience in your industry. For us, it is not enough for us to market our services to temp staffing companies and not know anything about staffing factoring and the staffing business. We have spent years understanding staffing finance and finding ways to help companies just like yours to meet the challenges that are specific to your industry. When you want to talk to a finance organization about staffing financing, you want to talk to someone who knows your industry and the way your business works. 1st Commercial Credit is more than a reliable business partner, we are a company that puts together answers that are specific to your questions.

1st Commercial Credit Does Not Add Debt To Your Bottom Line What do we mean when we say that some of your financial options add debt to your bottom line? Let's say that you have a client who you are doing seasonal staffing for who is slow to pay his invoices. Luckily for you, he is not your only client as you have several other projects going on at the same time. But you need that client to pay his invoices so that you can maintain payroll for your other projects. As your client delays his payments, you need to find ways to meet those payroll obligations. You think about bank funding, but that adds debt to your bottom line.

Whenever you take on a bank loan or utilize bank credit, you are adding debt to your company's books that you have yet to pay off. The service charges and recurring interest make that debt even worse. 1st Commercial Credit uses your invoiced sales to create financing staffing programs that will meet your payroll obligations and help you keep all of your projects operating at a profit. Instead of worrying about taking on money your company does not have, you will be using the money your company has earned to create a sustainable cash flow that will be there whenever you need it.

Factoring Through 1st Commercial Credit Is Your Cash Flow Answer

1st Commercial Credit is in the business of offering temp staffing loans to companies that help the rest of the corporate world handle the overflow of seasonal peaks in sales. One of the challenges of running a temp staffing agency is that you are never really sure what new customer will contact you from day to day. As a small business grows, it finds that it needs temporary staffing to meet a spike in customer demand. These business owners are new to the idea of calling on a staffing company, but it means more security and revenue to your staffing organization.

What we do at 1st Commercial Credit is make sure that your staffing company is able to handle the requests of your repeat customers along with the needs of your newest clients as well. When it comes to temp staffing lenders around the world, we have established ourselves as the premier financial partner for active and growing personnel organizations. Our job is to turn your outstanding invoices into cash so that you have the funding you need to put a staff in place for your new clients. We have spent years creating the financial network of affiliates that allows us to provide you with the reliable financial services you need.

Temp Staffing Factors Utilize The Strength Of Your Invoicing

1st Commercial Credit is a temp staffing factor that understands how to turn your invoiced sales into cash flow. How do we do it? We work with you to create an invoice approval process that can often get us an answer on the creditworthiness of an invoice in a matter of minutes. Once we have the invoice approved, we will have the face value of the invoice advanced to your account in 24 hours. When we advance you the funds, we deduct our small administrative fee and provide you with the rest of the cash. This is how we create a reliable business line of credit that will always be there when your company needs it.

The 1st Commercial Credit factoring plans are also very flexible. As your invoiced sales increase, especially during the busiest time of your year, we will be able to provide you with more cash. Think about how many times you have tried to plan for that annual spike in business but always wind up falling short. Instead of relying on your own company's resources, you head over to the bank and make your company's financial situation worse. With 1st Commercial Credit, the cash you need will be in your account and your business line of credit will follow your increased sales activity. It is the ideal financial solution for any Canadian temp staffing organization.

1st Commercial Credit Makes Your Corporate Growth Possible With Staffing Factoring

You would love to expand your temp staffing services and reach out to more potential clients all over Canada, but it is just not possible when you are constantly trying to secure funds to pay your bills. The frustrating thing is that you know that you would have the cash to keep your company moving forward if you could just get your customers to pay their invoices on time. Instead of trying to change the payment habits of your customers with collections threats and invoice discounts that cost you money, you just need to establish a relationship with 1st Commercial Credit and utilize your own financial resources for growth.

As a premier Canadian invoice factoring company, 1st Commercial Credit looks at you invoices as though they were assets. In reality, your invoices are assets as they represent the financial foundation of your entire organization. You work hard to make sure that you only offer credit terms to reliable clients. 1st Commercial Credit rewards your diligence by leveraging the combined financial strength of your clients in your company's favor. We use your clients' credit scores as the security necessary to advance you cash on your invoices and that is how we provide you with the cash you need to grow your business.

1st Commercial Credit Helps Maintain Your Strong Financial Status

Staffing company owners and managers know that the staffing industry in Canada offers opportunity at a moment's notice. Not only are new clients calling you as they start to grow, but your existing clients are also expanding their temporary staffing needs as well. Corporate growth is a great thing, but if you are not ready for that growth then it can do irreparable damage to your organization's financial structure. If you try to over-reach your economic means, then you may never be able to fall back into what you are used to doing. In other words, one ill-advised jump into a significant growth project without the proper kind of funding can kill your business.

In staffing, it is all about which company can provide the most significant cash flow to meet the planned and unplanned needs of their clients. When you make temp staffing lending through 1st Commercial Credit a regular part of your business model, then you have the financing you need to meet those new demands and grow with confidence. You can take on that new purchase order from a new client and know that financing that project will not have an adverse affect on the other staffing projects you currently have in place. 1st Commercial Credit utilizes invoice factoring to create a foundation on which you can build a healthy and strong business.

Staffing Factoring Funds The Essential Functions Of Your Organization

One of the reasons why Canadian companies rely so heavily on temp staffing organizations is because of the savings that using a temp staffing agency offers. For example, the job market is extremely competitive these days and there are more and more candidates looking for the right jobs. In order to find the candidate that fits a particular job opening, a company would have to go through an expensive recruiting process. This works out fine for key personnel in the organization, but investing in expensive recruiting for temporary or seasonal employees does not make sense for any corporate budget.

That is why Canadian companies rely so heavily on temp staffing agencies for their overflow personnel needs. A good staffing agency has an active roster of qualified employees that can be trained and ready to work on a new project in a short amount of time. Canadian companies can rely on a good staffing agency to deliver quality temp staffing that helps these companies to take full advantage of the peaks in their sales cycles. Without this kind of economical approach to temporary recruiting, most Canadian companies would be at a loss as how to handle the busiest times of the year.

Marketing Is Also An Essential Function Of Any Canadian Temp Staffing Organization

Earlier we discussed the good problem of having growing small businesses contacting temp staffing agencies to help accommodate success. While this does happen, it is up to each Canadian temp staffing agency to make sure that they are the one getting the calls from small business in need. The way that temp agencies grab new clients is through aggressive marketing tactics. Staffing agencies are seen at job fairs, career booths at local community events and as part of career options for graduating high school and college students. Funding all of that marketing requires cash flow that can come from invoices, but only with the help of staffing financing.

Canadian temp staffing companies spend a great deal of time and money looking for the ideal employment candidates for their organizations. Temp staffing agencies also spend a great deal of time contacting companies that may require temp staffing services now and in the future. When a staffing company puts up a booth at a job fair, it is marketing itself to corporate clients as well as to potential staff members. The cash flow created by factoring invoices can be the fuel needed to keep this huge marketing operation going. Without a strong cash position, a staffing company may not get those calls from growing small businesses. Instead, it will be the competition getting those calls and grabbing up more opportunities in the marketplace.

So How Can Temp Staffing Loans Help My Company Grow?

Professional organizations in the Canadian temp staffing industry are in a unique position in that they must continuously grow in order to survive. The reason for this is because their clients are constantly growing and the temp staffing agencies must increase their resources in order to keep up with demand. Even a company that is only growing at the rate of inflation is growing at a pace of four to five percent each year. When you start thinking about every customer a temp staffing agency has growing at even the minimal pace, you can understand why maintaining growth is so important for a successful staffing agency.

Temp staffing loans are the pillars of financial continuity within a staffing agency that must maintain its pace of success. It is impossible for a company to grow without a good cash position and that is what is supposed to be provided by invoiced sales. But past due invoices put a damper on cash flow and prevent most temp staffing agencies from organically growing to accommodate client needs. When you allow 1st Commercial Credit to turn your outstanding invoices into cash on or before the invoice due dates, you are putting that necessary economic foundation in place that will allow your company to keep pace with the growth and needs of your clients.

What Does My Canadian Temp Staffing Company Have To Do To Take Advantage Of Factoring?

Each time your staffing company requires funding from a bank, there is a new application required and the same process is followed each and every time. You can ask why your company constantly needs to waste time and resources submitting the same information to the bank for each funding request, but the bottom line is that it will always be something that you have to do. Factoring through 1st Commercial Credit does not work that way. We have spent years developing an application process and a ongoing production method that is not only easy for your company to use, but relatively seamless to your business process as well.

The 1st Commercial Credit process begins with a simple, two-page application that you can complete online. We offer a comprehensive set of instructions that let you know what kind of information you have to submit along with the completed application to get your account approved and underway. We work hard to approve all applications on the same day that we get them, which speeds up the process of establishing your account. We can have your full account up and operational in five business days or less. With an active account, we are able to approve invoices and transfer funds in 24 hours. Once you submit the invoice to us, there is nothing else you have to do. You do not need a new application for each invoice and you will never have to pay a set-up fee for your account either. The process is simple to start and even simpler to use.

Good Cash Flow Allows You To Attend To The Important Needs Of Your Staffing Organization

There are several important parts to running a good Canadian staffing organization. One of the more important tasks your company undertakes is training. When you take on a new client, that client has basic training requirements that you have to meet before you can put staff in the building. The problem is that you are usually asked to perform that basic skills training without seeing any revenue from the initial invoices of the project. When you find yourself needing to train new staff members just to be able to start billing a client, then you can understand the critical importance of good cash flow.

These days, staffing agencies work hard to stay in touch with personnel for various reasons. For one thing, the company database can be kept updated and accurate when the staffing professionals take the time to keep in touch with personnel and note any changes to personnel status. Another reason that staffing companies stay in touch with personnel is to keep personnel updated on any changes with training needs or upcoming projects. The administrative costs of running and updating an extensive database are quite high, and a good cash flow is required to keep database professionals on staff to update and maintain the records. Factoring provides the cash flow needed to keep the databases updated and the personnel records current.

Plan Your Temp Staffing Company Growth With The Help Of Invoice Factoring

Any business owner will tell you that any growth is good, but planned growth is much easier to manage. For Canadian temp staffing companies, planning growth is a complicated process that involves analyzing overall industry growth and determining how market trends will affect the temp staffing agency's future. It is not an exact science, but any amount of planning is essential when it comes to the proper allocation of company resources towards future projects. If you are prepared for growth, then you know exactly how much of your company's finances and personnel will be tied up in taking care of growth projects.

The big issue occurs when it is difficult to forecast the trends in your company's cash flow. You have a good idea as to how your current customers will pay their invoices in the coming year, but you have no idea what kinds of cash flow issues you will have with the projected growth you will experience. Will those new customers pay on time? Will the needs of your new clients outpace your cash flow? When you utilize staffing financing through 1st Commercial Credit, you never have to worry about any of those issues. All you have to do is be diligent with the credit terms that you assign to new clients and your factoring program from 1st Commercial Credit will take care of the rest. Your new clients will improve your cash flow situation and allow you to plan your company's growth with confidence.

Get Your Temp Staffing Factoring Program In Place Right Away

It just makes sense to put a financial program in place that makes it easier for your staffing company to do business, while also making it easier for you to run your organization. 1st Commercial Credit has the billions of dollars in resources and we also have the experience necessary to set up a factoring plan that will work for your company. We can get you the cash you have earned on or before your invoice due dates and provide you with the kind of cash situation that will insure your company's future success. We know we can do it because we have done it before and we continue to deliver results for all of our customers.

The longer you wait to set up your 1st Commercial Credit account, the longer you will have to suffer with the ill effects of bad cash flow. As the past due invoices continue to pile up, your company faces the possibility of going to the bank and asking for more expensive financing. Instead of relying on someone else to provide you with the cash you need for your temp staffing company's ongoing financial obligations, you can take care of it with your own revenue by utilizing an invoice factoring plan from 1st Commercial Credit.

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