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Purchase Order Funding

1st Commercial Credit offers a full range of financial services that will improve your company's cash flow and help you to meet all of your corporate goals. We are the premier PO finance company in Canada and we also have international experience to help businesses that have clients all over the world. As an international leader in PO financing, we have developed a network of international financial affiliates who can process transactions in up to 17 different types of currencies. Our comprehensive range of programs are flexible and able to be customized to your organization's specific needs. We are more than just a finance company; we are the key to your success.

Why do Canadian companies utilize PO funding programs through 1st Commercial Credit? The biggest reason that 1st Commercial Credit is your ideal purchase order finance company is our ability to combine purchase order funding with invoice factoring to create a comprehensive cash flow program. It can be difficult to manage your cash flow when you do not have the funds necessary to keep up with company growth. But when you have a comprehensive PO financing company such as 1st Commercial Credit in your corner, then you have the resources you need to meet customer demand and grow your organization.

What Is Purchase Order Funding Through 1st Commercial Credit?

In simplest terms, PO finance supplies you with the materials you need to fill customer purchase orders when your cash flow is limited. If your cash flow is being hampered by past due invoices, then 1st Commercial Credit can also put together an invoice funding program for you that will turn those past due invoices into cash. But that may still not solve the problem of filling purchase orders that represent significant growth for your company. As a Canadian business owner, it is your responsibility to understand all of the finance options that are available to you. With 1st Commercial Credit on your side, you have those options covered.

1st Commercial Credit has extensive experience working with companies in your industry. We have seen the challenges that you are facing and we have flexible solutions that will meet those challenges. Dealing with financial growth is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Just when you think your company has finally turned an economic corner, you find that there are more obstacles to overcome. When you start seeing a rise in business that means more purchase orders to fill than you have ever seen before, then you need to contact 1st Commercial Credit and put our PO financing services to work for your organization.

Purchase Order Finance Facilitates Growth

When you start your Canadian-based company, you have a business plan and plenty of dreams on where you would like to see the company go. The thing about running a business is that it can be extremely unpredictable. You could be rolling along at a single-digit growth rate for the first few years and then suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with orders. Your growth seems like it is a blessing, and it is. But when you check your company's cash position, you realize that this blessing comes with some conditions. You need cash to cover your orders and you are not sure what to do next. That is where 1st Commercial Credit comes in and offers solutions.

Bank borrowing is inconsistent and potentially expensive. You will have recurring interest and service charges to deal with and it could take weeks for the bank to determine if you should get the financing or not. Once the decision has been made to approve your financing, you may not get the full amount you need to keep your customers happy. 1st Commercial Credit is not a bank and we do not have the administrative red tape that slows down the bank borrowing process. We can issue you a letter of credit for your creditworthy invoices that will get you the cash you need to fill those orders and enjoy the growth that your company has earned.

How Does 1st Commercial Credit Secure My Company's Future?

Through our purchase order finance programs, we can get you the funding you need to meet consumer need when you do not have the cash on hand. That is how we are able to be there for you when your company first starts to see the growth that it has worked so hard to achieve. We also have significant international finance experience and a network of international affiliates that allows us to be able to take care of your domestic and overseas business as well. We have the complete offering of services that your company needs to take purchase orders with confidence and watch your business grow.

Once you start taking those larger purchase orders, 1st Commercial Credit can provide you with an invoice financing program which will get you the cash for those invoices on or before each due date. We provide you with the initial funding you need to meet your client obligations and then we secure your cash flow by making sure that all of your receivables are paid on time. That is how 1st Commercial Credit can secure your company's future and allow you to achieve all of the corporate goals you have laid out in your business plan. 1st Commercial Credit gives you the stable financial foundation you need to keep your corporate vision intact and move your company forward towards the future.

1st Commercial Credit Can Be There When Your Growth Outpaces Your Cash

The idea of having your corporate growth outpace your cash flow sounds like a wonderful problem to have, until you actually find yourself in that position. After years of sales, product development and marketing, your company has finally seen a jump in consumer sales that could represent the next level of your success. The problem is that your jump in sales creates purchase orders that your cash flow cannot keep up with. Even if every client paid their invoices on time, you would still not have the cash flow you need to keep pace with this growth. It is the equivalent of winning the lottery and then having it all taken away from you the next day. But it doesn't need to be that way.

With a PO financing arrangement from 1st Commercial Credit, you can submit those purchase orders and have the materials you need to fill those order financed. We will work with you to create a method for approving the credit status of your clients to make sure that the process is as quick and easy as possible. We will not make you wait weeks, or even days, for your cash. Once your client's purchase order is approved, we can advance you funds quickly and allow you to fill that order with confidence. Your customers will appreciate your expedited service, and your ability to ship the product means that you will be able to issue an invoice quickly as well.

Use PO Finance Through 1st Commercial Credit To Take Bigger Orders

Sometimes Canadian business owners are given signs that good fortune is about to come their way. A rise in repeat business and strong positive results from marketing surveys would indicate that a rise in sales volume is on the horizon. Your sales people head out into the marketplace and start getting offers for purchase orders in amounts that your company has never seen before. But do you want to approve those purchase orders and then risk going to the bank to get the funding you need to meet consumer demand? Do you really want to rely on a bank to help your rapidly growing business to stay up with the flow of larger purchase orders?

With a purchase order program in place from 1st Commercial Credit, you can send your sales professionals out with confidence and close those big deals. As long as your credit approval process is solid, then you know that 1st Commercial Credit will supply you with the funding you need to meet all of those new client demands. Instead of turning away larger purchase orders from repeat customers and new clients, you will be able to approve those purchases and watch as your company's revenue soars. It is the perfect financial weapon that your company needs to grow in a very competitive marketplace. You will be able to push your organization to the next level when you can accommodate the kind of growth that comes from larger purchase orders.

Seasonal Peaks In Sales Are Solved By 1st Commercial Credit

Think back to how your company was operating during your peak sales months last year. You knew the peak was coming based on historical data and you know that it would be a situation where you would more cash to cover consumer orders than you had on hand. It happens every year, and yet every year you find yourself scrambling with bank funding to try and meet demand. Early in the peak sales season, you may even have to turn orders away because you are still waiting on the bank to get back to you on your financing. By the time the bank gets back, you are falling behind and dealing with potentially disgruntled customers.

Since you know the peak sales part of the year is coming, it is best to get a PO funding program set up through 1st Commercial Credit and be ready for it from now on. You should never let your company finances go into chaos because you hit the busy time of the year. You should take the practical approach and put a system in place that will allow you to easily meet client demand without the chaos that normally occurs. You can leave the bank behind from now on and rely on the strength of your purchase orders from creditworthy clients to meet that demand and maximize the profit that your company realizes. Your peak sales months should be times when your company sees its greatest profit margin. When you plan ahead with a PO funding account from 1st Commercial Credit, then you can find out just how beneficial your peak sales season can be.

Every Start-Up Needs A Good Funding Program

Entrepreneurs who are getting ready to open their first business will find that there are a lot of financing options available to them. But they will also find that many of those options sort of fade away once the doors on the new company are actually opened for business. Start-up financing is often easier to find for new businesses in Canada than operational cash. When that start-up money runs out, your start-up better be generating revenue if it wants to stay in business. This is the reason that many Canadian start-ups run into problems in their sixth month and, often, close their doors for good.

1st Commercial Credit does not require your company to have good credit to benefit from our purchase order finance programs. As a matter of fact, your company does not need to have any credit history at all in order to be able to have 1st Commercial Credit fund your purchase orders. This is good news for Canadian start-ups because most start-ups are still trying to build a credit profile when they hit the point where the start-up funding has run out and the cash flow is still slowed. 1st Commercial Credit looks at the credit status of your clients when we determine whether or not we can advance you funding to fill an order. As long as a start-up does its due diligence and offers credit terms to reliable clients, then 1st Commercial Credit will get that start-up operational funds when no other finance organization will.

Apply Your Corporate Capital Where You Want It To Go

A big part of successful corporate planning is knowing where to apply the funds your company has available to get the best results. For example, your company may be best served by applying available cash towards your new product release to avoid getting involved with expensive bank funding. The last thing your company finances need is an interest debt that compounds every 22 days. But how will you apply your cash towards your upcoming growth projects and still meet the needs of your consumers? After all, the growth initiated by an increased interest in your company by consumers is the reason that you need to execute a growth project in the first place. You cannot leave your clients behind as your company grows.

Purchase order financing through 1st Commercial Credit will allow you to utilize your cash resources to grow your business and still have the financial means to fill orders. The 1st Commercial Credit purchase order program advances you cash to buy specific materials to fill purchase orders. As long as the client getting the order is a creditworthy entity, then we will advance you the funds you need to get the materials or other products required to fill the order. With our financial programs on your side, you can manage your funds in any manner you see fit and delegate resources to help your company grow more efficiently.

Purchase Order Funding Covers An Array Of Corporate Needs

Our flexible purchase order arrangements will cover a vast array of business functions to help your company exceed the expectations of your customer base. 1st Commercial Credit can help fund government contracts, shipping costs, retail organizations, drop shipping arrangements and component assembly projects as well. When you talk to our experienced financial experts, let them know exactly what you need funding for and they will be able to put together a plan that meets all of your needs. We can work with wholesales, importers and exporters to finance international shipments and help your business expand its customer base.

If you have deposits to put down on project costs, then we can help you with that funding as well. Your company should never have to feel like it is outgrowing its own cash flow when things start to pick up. Company growth should be a time for celebration, which is what our purchase order programs allow you to do. We will give you the financial foundation you need to go out and take orders that will change the future of your business. You should not have to turn away success just because it exceeds your company's current financial means. We give you the confidence and economic strength necessary to reach all of your corporate goals.

Contact 1st Commercial Credit Today And Jump Start Your Success

The longer you wait to put your purchase order finance agreement in place from 1st Commercial Credit, the less resources you will have to expand your revenue. When you do not have all of your possible financial alternatives in place, then you are not giving your company the chance it needs to maximize its opportunities. Take full advantage of the hard work you have done in the marketplace and get involved with financial resources being offered by 1st Commercial Credit today. The application process is fast and the service is the best in the financial industry. We only succeed when you succeed, which is why we work so hard to put together the financial foundation that you will be able to build on for a long time to come.

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