Receivable Financing for Oilfield Service Companies

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Receivable Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%

18 Years In business & Over 3,200 Clients Funded

  • Fast Approval Process
  • No Up Front Fees to Set up
  • No Financials Required
  • Low Credit Score Accepted
  • 3 to 5 Day Initial Setup
  • Free Invoicing Software with Merging Apps
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Financing Receivables for Canadian Oilfield Service Companies

Available for Canadian Oil Field Service Companies

Have you exhausted your efforts at the bank?

If your Oilfield Service Company is selling on credit terms to prime contractors in the oil field service industry, then it is likely that you have invoices past 60 day payment cycle. 1st Commercial Credit can help you get initial set up and funding in 3 to 5 working days and convert your outstanding invoices to working capital.

  • Flexible Set up Process
  • We Make Same Day Decisions
  • Free Invoicing Software
  • Free Image Merging Apps
  • Purchase Order Financing Available
  • We Fund on Digital Images
  • Free Image uploading software

We Lend More than the BANK

Flexible Financing for Small to Medium Size Oilfield Service Companies Get Your Funds in 3 to 5 Days

  • Up To 90% Advance
  • No Financials Required up to $350,000
  • Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%

Unlimited Funding & Predictable Cash Flow

Your Oilfield Service Company has unlimited growth limitations with our funding program. Your line of credit grows with your credit terms sales and can start a with as little as $10,000 to $10 Million in monthly sales.

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Flexible Underwriting & Same Day Decisions

We fund Oilfield Companies with more eligibility on receivables than a traditional lender or bank, with 90% less paperwork. Get approved and setup in 3 to 5 working days. We do not underwrite like slow decision banks.

Flexible underwriting for receivable financing for oil field service
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Why 1st Commercial Credit Different?

Oilfield Service Companies come to us due to our quick & flexible approval process, high credit limits, low rates, transparent fee structure, and free manufacturing invoicing software that creates your funding schedule.

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Most of our Oilfield Service and Gas clients are either:

  1. Fast growing oilfield service companies whose past earnings and sales histories will not justify the increased borrowing or are out of self-financing resources.
  2. Suppliers have capped their credit lines
  3. Client has outgrown their bank facility and is stuck turning away business.
  4. Start-up operations with no financing base to rely upon or companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns.
  5. Principals with bad credit and cannot obtain traditional financing.

Get A Quick $350,000 in 3 to 5 Working Days

WE Lend more than the BANK and Make Same Day Decisions

  • WE Accept Low Credit Scores
  • WE Fund Faster than Any Bank
  • Purchase Order Funding Available
  • Term Loans to Existing Clients
  • No Financials Required
  • No Up-Front Fees To Set Up
  • Financing Rates at 0.69% - 1.59%
  • Custom Rates Available

Why Choose Us?

Accounts Receivable Financing is our Business. 18+ years in business

  • Financing Rates at 0.69% - 1.59%
  • 10,000 & up to 10 million Facilites
  • No Financials Required
  • Set up in 3 to 5 working days
  • No up-front fees - No hidden fees
  • No facility fees - No Audit Fees
  • Customer referrals upon your request
  • We Make Same Day Decisions
  • No Monthly Minimums
  • No invoice Minimum Fees
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What type of oilfield service companies qualify for invoice factoring or receivables based financial services?

The oil and gas service provider sells items or services to credit worthy commercial account customers and it has not pledged accounts receivable as collateral.

  • Inspection
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Human Resources Management
  • Simops
  • HSE
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Gas
  • Fabrication
  • NDT
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Environmental Management
  • FPSO
  • Drilling Operations
  • Top Drive
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Welding Inspection
  • Control Systems

Unlimited funding services for Canadian oilfield service companies

The more sales your service company generates, the larger your credit facility becomes.

We accept oilfield service companies with as little as $10,000 a month in sales to $10 Million.

The ultimate value in our funding programs is "Consistent Predictable Cash Flow". Your service company no longer has to wait for checks to come in and clear the bank to pay suppliers, make payroll, pay taxes and fixed expenses.

Business Owners Enjoy Flexible Underwriting

Same Day Decisions puts your company back on track.

1st Commercial Credit is an accounts receivable finance company that specializes in advancing funds against the face value of your invoices sold on credit terms for delivered products. A proof of delivery document should be accompanied by your invoices. If you have invoices sold to a credit worthy accounts, that's 95% of the approval process. We have funded over 3,200 businesses just like yours and we are very confident in finding a solution for your funding needs.

We move very fast and when a business owner is in need of funding within a week to make payroll, pay suppliers, lease payments, fixed expenses and taxes. Business owners with low credit scores are accepted in our underwriting process.

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What Makes 1st Commercial Credit Different from other Receivable Lenders?

Selective Clients For Funding

We allow for you to pick and choose the customers you wish to enroll for invoice financing. No need to send in all the customers you have for funding. We want you to use what you need when you need it, and as your business grows, you can use more or you can stop if you are able to retain earnings.

Credit Analysis for Account Debtors

We are constantly monitoring credit in the portfolio to prevent losses in case a customer's payment trend begins to slip.

Free Invoicing Software

All clients are given the option to use our proprietary invoicing software that helps in creating the invoice, merges all the backup documentation and prepares the invoice for funding. Saves up to 70% in time consolidating documentation for invoicing. Free app if needed for out of office people to upload documents with their cell phone and immediately available for submitting for funding.

1st Commercial Credit is providing the cash flow solutions for the oil and gas industry.

For an oilfield services company, the workday never really ends. An oilfield service employee works long hours and has a team of other employees who are also putting in long hours each and every day. The oilfield companies have to be able to insure a steady cash flow. The problem is that oil exploration companies sometimes tend to pay their invoices late and that leaves a financial gap that the oilfield services companies must fill. These hard-working organizations do not have time to stop and figure out their finances. They need fluid solutions that will keep their cash position strong.

As the accounts receivables grow for an oilfield service company, so can the financial headaches. The workers in the field need to replenish their supplies on a regular basis, and it takes cash to do that. 1st Commercial Credit has seen more than a few oilfield service invoices in our day and we have accounts receivables funding programs that will turn those invoices into instant cash. We can get you cash on or before the invoice due dates, and we can also get you cash within 24 hours for the past due invoices that are clogging up your cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit understands your business and that is why we are the ideal accounts receivables funding partner for the oil industry.

Bank Borrowing Is Unnecessary And Inefficient

1st Commercial Credit will take your past due invoices and turn them into cash within 24 hours

When the time comes to meet payroll or pay for those ongoing oilfield service expenses, you may think that cash flow slowed by past due invoices pushes you towards bank borrowing. But the mere fact that you have past due invoices slowing up your cash position means that your company has the financial resources it needs to attend to its own economic condition without the help of a bank or any other corporate finance company that would add debt to your bottom line.

Your aging report shows invoices that are 30, 60 and even 90 days past due. Instead of looking at those invoices as obstacles to financial success, you need to consider them assets to your company. 1st Commercial Credit will take your past due invoices and turn them into cash within 24 hours. All you would need to do is apply for an account online and we will have your account set up in five business days or less. With an account in place, we can start advancing you funds against the face values of your invoices immediately. The approval process takes only minutes and the funds transfer can happen with 24 hours of approval. 1st Commercial Credit is not just an alternative to bank financing, we are the solution to the problems that banks can cause.

What gives 1st Commercial Credit longevity in the Canadian manufacturing industry?

Our invoice financing solutions bring economic stability to a company and we allow that company to reach all of its goals utilizing its own financial resources.

1st Commercial Credit takes your receivables and makes them go to work for you instead of allowing them to rot away in an aging report. When your money works hard for you, then your company is on its way to success.

You have deadlines to meet and new clients to impress, so you do not have time to fill out an application for every funding need.

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Receivable Financing Rates

Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%

  • Quick Approval Process!
  • No Financials up to $350k
  • Easy Set-Up in 3 to 5 Days
  • Over 17 years in business
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