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The world of manufacturing is still the backbone of almost every economy in the world. In Canada, there has been a persistent push towards welcoming manufacturing companies that can create jobs and add to the local economies. If you run a Canadian manufacturing company, then you understand how much the industry has changed and how competitive it has become. There is much more to it now than simply setting up an assembly line and populating it with qualified workers. 1st Commercial Credit is a finance company that understands all of the changes that have occurred in manufacturing. We also know how many new challenges these developments create for manufacturers who have been in business for a long time.

1st Commercial Credit is the premier international invoice factoring organization for small to medium sized manufacturing organizations. We have been factoring manufacturing invoices for a long time and we have been right there as the marketplace has change. These days, it is difficult for consumers to tell who is actually making their products. But for the companies that are actually doing the production work, automation and outsourcing are just two things about the industry that have changed it forever. If you want to be competitive as a manufacturer, then you need a strong financial foundation on which to build your business.

1st Commercial Credit Has Been Offering The Factoring Manufacturers Need In Canada For Years

1st Commercial Credit is not some fly-by-night organization that just showed up on the financial landscape a few months ago.In the manufacturing world, longevity is worn like a badge of honor. That is why 1st Commercial Credit is proud to say that we have been financing manufacturing companies in Canada for years. In an industry that bases much of its respect and business decisions on the history and stability of an organization, we are proud to say that we have been working with Canadian firms for a very long time. We have billions of dollars in resources that we can use to make sure that your company stays competitive now and in the future.

What gives 1st Commercial Credit longevity in the Canadian manufacturing industry? Our invoice financing solutions bring economic stability to a company and we allow that company to reach all of its goals utilizing its own financial resources. We help to keep the financial balance stable in the manufacturing sector and allow Canadian companies to stand on their own, without the need for persistent bank funding. Manufacturing is the foundation of the Canadian economy and 1st Commercial Credit does its part to keep that foundation strong and vital.

Look To 1st Commercial Credit For Your Funding Needs

We have spent years evolving our process to fit the fast-paced manufacturing industry in Canada. We understand that you do not have the time to wait around for answers on your most important economic concerns, which is why we have streamlined and condensed our process to the point where we make it very easy to maximize the power of your outstanding invoices. After all, that is what invoice funding is all about. 1st Commercial Credit takes your receivables and makes them go to work for you instead of allowing them to rot away in an aging report. When your money works hard for you, then your company is on its way to success.

You have deadlines to meet and new clients to impress, so you do not have time to fill out an application for every funding need. We only ask you to fill out one application and it is a two-page, online application that you will find at our website. We give you all of the instructions you need to fill out the application completely and then we also show you the best way to submit it to our associates. We approve all applications the same day we get them and we can have your fully functional account going in five business days or less. With an approved and active account, we can start transferring funds for past due invoices within 24-hours of approving each invoice. It is that fast and it is that easy.

Let 1st Commercial Credit Help You Get Back To Monitoring Your Manufacturing Business

In the earliest days of mass manufacturing, there were hundreds of employees working at various stations on assembly lines. Today, Canadian companies integrate computers and robots into their process to hold down costs while improving productivity. But there is still personnel to pay and all of that high-tech equipment does not take care of itself. A problem meeting payroll or a sudden spike in maintenance costs could cause you to have to stop production and evaluate your finances. But when you are working with a factoring company like 1st Commercial Credit, you have the cash on hand you need to meet your personnel obligations and keep your high-tech equipment running.

With 1st Commercial Credit on your side, your financial challenges get solved by your own cash flow. You do not have to drop what you are doing to go find bank funding to make payroll or repair your machines. You will have the cash on hand because 1st Commercial Credit will advance you the face value of each invoice, minus a small processing fee per invoice, and put that money into your account. You will have a business line of credit that is constantly being funded by your ongoing sales activity. As long as your sales professionals are out there closing deals and grabbing purchase orders, then you will have the collateral you need to apply against factoring loans for your business. The best part is that all of these loans are already covered by your outstanding invoices.

By Factoring Manufacturing Invoices, We Keep Your Business Streamlined And Competitive

Outsourcing manufacturing used to mean sending jobs overseas and losing revenue for Canada. But these days, Canadian manufacturers are taking on more and more work because they have been able to streamline their organizations and remain versatile. The oil that greases the wheels of versatility is money. As long as a Canadian manufacturing company has plenty of cash flow available, then it will be able to adapt and make the changes that will keep it successful. As soon as that cash flow slows down, then it becomes almost impossible to invest in the people and equipment that create a good production process.

1st Commercial Credit has been factoring manufacturers for years and we have seen the significant changes that have hit the industry. We have seen how much more manufacturers rely on computers and robotics to be able to accommodate the specifications of a more focused client base. We understand that you need cash to be able to pay your bills and invest in your future as well. That is why we have developed a flexible approach to our financing services that allows us to put together a plan that will get you the funding you need based on your company's own success. You can use that persistent supply of money to stay streamlined and remain competitive in Canada and around the world.

The Face Of Canadian Manufacturing Is Changing Constantly

One of the challenges of owning a manufacturing company in Canada is that it is hard to put a finger on what your customers really expect. It used to be pretty easy to talk to a customer, get his specifications and then work with the customer to utilize the equipment you had to get the results he wants. But technology has advanced so much that it requires a very versatile manufacturer to win the biggest contracts. If you want to be able to take on the profitable business these days, you need to be able to meet the exact specifications of each client and have the personnel and equipment that can make a part that is exact, right down to the finest measurement.

To accomplish this, a manufacturer needs to hire experienced personnel and invest in expensive equipment. The days of assembly line working are not over, but they have definitely changed a great deal. Instead of investing time and money into more people, a new age Canadian manufacturer has to invest more time and money into specific kinds of processes that are usually run by computers. The people who know how to program and operate those processes are expensive employees with multiple college degrees. The face of Canadian manufacturing changes constantly, and the proactive business owner who wants to find success needs to be able to change with it.

Don't Let Your Canadian Manufacturing Company Get Left Behind

In the business world, economics happens in cycles. Each year, your manufacturing company has its busy times and those times when it is not so busy. The Canadian economy has years when it is strong and then it has years when it struggles to grow. The companies that find success under any kind of economic conditions are the ones that understand all of their options. When the Canadian economy is slow, that is when the proactive manufacturing company reaches out to grab more business. There will be opportunities dropped by ill-prepared organizations and your company needs to be there to pick up that revenue.

But there is another cycle in business that holds your company back and that is the cycle of late payments from your clients. You send out an invoice and then adjust your books to utilize the revenue from that invoice to pay bills and meet payroll. When the client does not pay the invoice on time, it puts you in a bind and initiates the cycle of bank borrowing that has been adding debt to your bottom line for years. This is why your company cannot make those advances during a down economy and why you are constantly trailing the competition in your marketplace. With the help of 1st Commercial Credit, you can turn those past due invoices into cash and vault to the top of your industry in a very short period of time.

Capital Investment In Your Canadian Manufacturing Firm Requires The Help Of Invoice Factoring

Any small to medium sized Canadian manufacturing company that has an active and growing client base has the financial means to invest in its future. The reason that you are not investing in your future is because you lack the cash flow to do so. You think that your future growth projects must be funded by the bank and, since the bank has refused your application for financing, you feel obliged to put your future plans on hold. Do not let a bank dictate the future success of your company. Your company works hard to generate invoiced sales and you should be able to benefit from all of that hard work with corporate growth.

Do not rely on the decisions of a bank to determine when and how your company grows. When you get involved in an manufacturing financing program through 1st Commercial Credit, you will be able to put your own revenue to work for the future of your company. We will develop an invoice factoring plan that fits seamlessly into your business process. Together, your company and 1st Commercial Credit will create an invoice approval and submission system that works quickly and efficiently. You can also rest assure that if something does go wrong, it only takes one phone call to fix the problem and get your cash flow back on track.

Look To The Future With Help From 1st Commercial Credit

The Canadian manufacturing industry is a world that has been turned completely upside down by technology. A factory that used to require thousands of workers to run can now be run efficiently with only a few hundred. But the general rise in the world's population means that those few hundred workers need to generate more productivity than ever before. As always, technology comes to the rescue with solutions that will allow your company to run more efficiently and create more product than ever before. It is an exciting time to be in Canadian manufacturing and it is also a prosperous time as the opportunities continue to grow.

Just because there is less personnel in a factory does not mean that the costs have gone down that much. The new equipment that is being developed to make things easier on manufacturing plants is expensive. The installation of that equipment is expensive, the maintenance of that equipment is expensive and the eventual replacement of that equipment will also be expensive. Good business professionals plan their finances far in advance and it requires strong cash flow to be able to make those kinds of plans with confidence. With an invoice factoring program from 1st Commercial Credit, your company will always have the resources it needs to invest in the future and take advantage of everything that technology has to offer.

The World Becomes A Canadian Manufacturer's Marketplace When Cash Flow Is Strong

Remember those days when everyone was worried that their manufacturing job would be sent overseas? Things have changed a lot since those days and now companies from all over the world are coming to Canada to have their products designed and built. Factories all over Canada are putting out parts and even finished products for some of the largest names in the retail and industrial sales markets. The kinds of projects that were thought to be the sole domain of overseas companies have become sources of profit for aggressive Canadian entrepreneurs. The world is coming back to Canada again, and your manufacturing company needs to be prepared to handle the flow of opportunity.

1st Commercial Credit is an international finance organization. We have financial affiliates all over the world, which allows us to do business in up to 17 different currencies. As part of our intimate understanding of the Canadian manufacturing industry, we have made certain that we can grow right along with your organization. We can fund domestic and international transactions. We have finance programs you can use to make sure that your overseas business is just as smooth as the business you do at home. 1st Commercial Credit is able to make that overseas leap with you and help your company to take advantage of the new international opportunities that are flooding into Canada.

In Manufacturing, Your Personnel Is A Huge Part Of Your Success

Every Canadian manufacturing company owner understands just how important his personnel is to his success. With the increased complexity of the equipment being used in factories and the pressure that mounts from rapidly approaching deadlines, the ability to have a team that works well together and can get the job done is essential for a Canadian manufacturer trying to compete at the local and international levels. If your staff is not motivated to work hard or feel like they are not appreciated, then productivity falls and you find yourself in the helpless feeling of trying to catch up and keep clients happy while your work production continues to fall off.

The first concern when it comes to keeping your employees motivated and working hard is to make sure that you always meet your payroll obligations. This is where past due invoices could hurt your company's future, but a solution from 1st Commercial Credit will make certain that you always have the funds you need to make your payroll deposits. When you turn to 1st Commercial Credit to help you turn your invoices into cash on or before their due dates, you eliminate the need to bring in expensive bank funding to meet payroll obligations. As you add personnel, the increase in your invoiced sales will allow you to keep up with increased payroll obligations, so long as you have your 1st Commercial Credit factoring plan in place.

Use Invoice Factoring To Your Advantage In A Competitive Marketplace

One of the side-effects of increased technology in the Canadian manufacturing industry is an increase in competition. Instead of having to invest significant amounts of money into hiring a huge staff and buying large pieces of equipment to start a manufacturing organization, all a real entrepreneur needs is the right technology and a space big enough to hold that technology. That does not mean that the manufacturing veterans are doomed. All it means is that there is a healthy new feeling of competition in the industry that creates more opportunities and forces companies to react more swiftly to the needs of clients.

If you want to stay competitive in the Canadian manufacturing world, then you need to make sure that you maximize all of your resources. The most important resource to maximize is your cash. 1st Commercial Credit has a variety of funding programs that will allow you to put all of your cash resources to good work for you. We have invoice factoring, purchase order financing and a variety of other services that we can weave together into one comprehensive business solution. When you want to stay competitive, you need some kind of financial edge. Let 1st Commercial Credit be that financial edge for your company.

Get Your Canadian Manufacturing Organization On Track Now

In manufacturing, you cannot stick with the old ways of doing things because your company will get left behind. If you cannot finance upgrades to the new methods of doing business, then your company does not have the financial means to be successful. But if you are being held back from competing because you have past due invoices that slow your cash flow, then you are only one online application away from realizing all of the plans your company made when you started it.

1st Commercial Credit has been a friend to Canadian manufacturers for years and we have also been a powerful financial weapon as well. We have all of the solutions that you need to make the most of the revenue that your company generates and we can help provide you with the cash flow you need to push forward. All we do is turn the financial resources you already have at your disposal into liquid assets you can use to fund your ongoing operations and your future. But we cannot do anything for you until you fill out our online application and let us help your business to grow.

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