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Tips for Training Temporary Staffing Employees

When the holiday season rolls around, you and your human resources group knows that it is time to hire temporary workers. These are the people who make it possible for you to take on that surge in business that puts your company finances into the black for the year. If you own a landscaping business, then you may hire temporary staffing for July and August to handle the overflow of work. In any case, hiring temporary workers is usually a sign that your company is doing well.

What about training those temporary workers? The point to hiring temporary staffing is to keep costs down while profits go through the roof. If you spend a ton of money training your temporary staffing, then you could be losing profit instead of making it. There are ways that you can keep your temporary staff training costs down while watching profits go up.

Have A List

Companies that rely on temporary or seasonal workers usually keep an active list of the best seasonal workers and make those workers the first ones that are contacted. Not only will you always be able to supply your company with reliable temporary workers, but you will cut way down on the costs of recruiting temporary staffing. It would be a good investment to send out a correspondence to everyone on your temporary staffing list at least once a quarter to check for any changes in contact information. You should also have a variety of ways to contact temporary staffing that includes mailing address, email and telephone.

Send Out Updates

Temporary workers are traditionally used only during seasonal peaks in business, which means that you only see these workers once or twice a year. Even the best temporary employees are going to forget procedures after a year of inactivity. Your company has also made changes in that year which your regular temporary workers may not recognize.

To solve this training issues, you should send out regular newsletters to temporary workers that remind them of important company procedures and alert them to any changes within the company. If there is a new piece of equipment or computer program that has been installed that the temporary employees will be working with, then send them an update so they will have the information before they arrive to work.

Use A Temporary Agency

Many companies hire their own temporary staffing because they feel that it costs too much to utilize a temporary staffing agency. But when you factor in all of the costs involved with having a temporary staff, you may find that utilizing an agency actually saves you money.

A temporary agency will worry about recruiting and training a temporary staff for you. Even if you have a list of reliable former temporary employees, you have no guarantee that all of those former employees will want to come work for you this year. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to start recruiting new temporary staffing, which can suddenly turn into a financial burden. You can relieve that burden by hiring a temporary agency and pay one flat fee to have the agency worry about your staffing needs.

Stay Vigilant

Your temporary staffing training should be an ongoing process. It is a lot to expect someone who is new to the company to instantly understand all of the processes they will need to do their job in a few days. Stay vigilant with your training and offer temporary workers supervisors who can guide the workers and keep production on pace.

You will also want to stay vigilant in identifying temporary workers that simply cannot do the job properly. You do not have time to invest in a temporary worker who either cannot or will not grasp the tasks assigned to him. You need to be prepared to release temporary workers who are unable or unwilling to respond to the training.

Bringing temporary workers to help complete a project or get through a busy time of the year can be exciting. In order to get the best return on your investment in temporary staffing, you need to make sure that you cover all of your training angles and offer ongoing help to your temporary employees as well. The more you do to train your temporary employees, the better production you will get.

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