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Nurse Staffing Companies Can Improve Cash Flow

The complexities of the nursing industry are often unknown to the people who do not work in it. Most people only come into contact with nurses when they have health issues that they need remedied, or when they are making a scheduled trip to the doctor. Unless you are a nurse or studying to be one, then you are unaware of the levels of training and the years of experience that go into creating a successful nursing career. But to the people who utilize the nursing industry, these differences are very critical and used to determine which kinds of professional nursing personnel are needed to meet patient needs.

The one thing that most people do not realize is that being an RN in the nursing field is a significant accomplishment. Almost every other type of nurse in the nursing field is striving to be an RN, or registered nurse, and taking classes to reach their goals. There are many more opportunities for RNs in the healthcare world, but the various levels of nursing leading up to RN also have opportunities available to them. For a nurse staffing company, finding the right fit between a nursing professional and the needs of the clients can take a great deal of effort.

Nurses Are Employed By A Variety Of Healthcare Companies

When people think of nurses, they often picture a clean hospital with nurses in white uniforms going from room to room. While this is one of the more common environments where nurses work, it is far from the only kind of nursing jobs that are available. Almost every private doctor practice in the world has a nurse that has to be experienced and educated enough to take on the position. There are also larger practices that consist of several doctors which also require the assistance of trained and experienced nursing professionals.

Many large corporations have nurses in-house to provide emergency medical assistance and determine when an employee is too sick to remain at work. Insurance companies employ nurses who travel to visit people applying for life insurance and to do regular check-ups on other kinds of insurance clients. School districts across the United States all employ nurses. Some schools have nurses of their own, while some districts hire nurses that travel to all of the schools on an as-needed basis. The field of nursing is broad and the nurse staffing companies must keep up with it.

Recruiting Qualified Nurses Is Hard And Expensive Work

A Certified Nurse's Aide (CNA) and a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) are varying degrees of nurses who do not have full nursing degrees. These are dedicated professionals who take classes, gain experience and then go through certification processes to move from a CNA to an LPN. Many people recognize the LPN status and incorrectly identify these nurses as RNs. In the nursing industry, there is a significant difference between an LPN and an RN, and a good nurse staffing company needs to have its database reflect these different statuses to find nurses that fit client needs.

Recruiting all of these different kinds of nursing professionals can be tricky because their status could change and the staffing company would never know it. An LPN could take the time and effort to become an RN, but never let the staffing company know. Now that particular nurse is over-qualified for LPN work, but that is what the company has her listed as. Updating a nursing database and finding new candidates to add to it can take up a lot of time and a lot of money. It is also an ongoing process, which makes cash flow for a nurse staffing company very important.

A Shortage In Nurses Should Work In A Staffing Company's Favor

There is a shortage of nurses in the world, and that is something that should be to the advantage of a nurse staffing company. But when a nurse staffing company is working hard just to find candidates to fill open positions, the need for cash flow can almost be crippling. A staffing company has to always concern itself with meeting payroll every week, but a nurse staffing company has recruiting needs that also require funding on a regular basis.

One of the problems for the nursing industry is the lack of LPNs who make that next step to RN. It is costly and time consuming to become an RN and many LPNs have to worry about working their current nursing jobs, which takes time and resources away from going to school. That is why many professionals in the nursing industry encourage nurses who want to be RNs to get the degree when they are first starting out. By the time they get wrapped up in their careers, it may be too late to reach that ultimate goal. It is a problem that nurse staffing organizations have been dealing with for years, and it will only get worse.

Healthcare Organizations Are Turning Recruiting Over To Staffing Agencies

Because the process of recruiting qualified nurses can be tedious and expensive, many healthcare organizations turn to nurse staffing organizations for help. But if these staffing agencies are constantly contracting their RNs out for full-time employment, then that makes it even more difficult to meet the temporary needs of other clients. That is why cash flow is critically important to a successful nurse staffing organization. Instead of being hampered by the past due invoices that can slow down cash flow, the proactive nurse staffing organizations are utilizing receivables-based funding for their cash flow problems.

Receivables-based funding is the process of using invoices as collateral against cash advances directly into the company's bank account. Nurse staffing organizations can turn their outstanding invoices into cash and have the money they need on or before the invoice due date. When it comes to improving cash flow with receivables-based lending, 1st Commercial Credit is a recognized international leader. We have the custom programs you need to meet all of your staffing needs, including the complex recruiting needs of nurse staffing firms.

1st Commercial Credit Supplies The Cash You Need To Meet Customer Expectations

1st Commercial Credit has a quick application process that can have your account set up in three to five business days. We use the credit scores of your clients to approve funding and not your company credit score. We will create the cash flow you need to recruit RNs and other nursing professionals by using your company's invoiced sales. As your invoiced sales go up, we can work to increase your business line of credit and make sure that you always have the cash you need on hand and ready to go.

Contact one of our financial experts today and let us use our flexible receivables-based funding programs to bring you the kind of cash your nurse staffing agency needs. As long as you continue to invoice clients for your services, we will work hard to make sure that you have the cash you need to make payroll and meet all of your other ongoing obligations. We have years of experience in working with nurse staffing firms and we can put that experience to work for you right now.