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Industrial Temporary Staffing for Construction Hiring

According to a chief economist with the American Institute of Architects, growth in construction activity is expected to continue through 2014 for commercial buildings. This is good news for the construction industry – and for temporary agencies that provide industrial staffing solutions. If you are one of the construction companies hoping to capitalize on this boom, it is essential to get the right trades people to meet growth demand.

With an industrial temporary staffing agency, you can tap into a pool of skilled workers without an expensive recruiting budget. An agency will work closely with you to identify your needs and match prequalified and prescreened workers. This is an idea approach whether your next building project requires a few or an entire crew of trades people.

In the process, you can eliminate the long-term costs associated with hiring workers during boom times and laying them off when construction slows down.

Industrial Staffing Employs the Most Workers in the Industry

Relying on construction hiring through temporary staffing agencies gives you an advantage. It is estimated that industrial staffing contributes more than a third of temporary employment among all sectors. This is in part due to the need for a flexible workforce compatible with changing dynamics.

Generally, temporary staffing agencies that offer industrial staffing solutions work with a large database of workers. You will have access to qualified skilled trades people through agencies that specialize in the construction industry. They understand the importance of saving money and time during a construction project. Using their services can help to improve construction budgets without risking unfinished – or poorly constructed – projects.

Reasons to Use Industrial Temporary Staffing Services

Your construction company can reap many benefits by hiring a temporary staffing agency. Industrial staffing services remove the costly barriers of overhead involved with maintaining a construction crew. While the agency focuses on supplying workers and paying them, you can focus on completing the construction project.

Typically, temporary staffing agencies manage all aspects of construction labor costs. These may include recruiting workers, training, paying payroll taxes, drug screening, paid time off, health insurance and other labor costs.

Pay for Trades People When You Need Them

Your construction labor costs are transformed into a variable cost because you pay for skilled trades people when they are needed. At any given moment, construction projects can change with little or no warning. The effects can balloon your budget and soon you will have cost overruns. With an industrial staffing agency, your needs can be supplemented at a moment’s notice.

Paying full-time workers is not necessary when you can have a flexible construction team. Increase labor whenever needed to compliment the core team of construction workers. Additionally, you could use staffing services to hire a full crew.

Increase Productivity and the Bottom Line

Using temporary staffing for your construction hiring can also increase productivity and revenues. If a project gets delayed, your costs inevitably increase when more work days are added and the completion date is pushed back further. Flexibility rules with a temporary staff that does not expect a permanent employment situation.

Furthermore, increased demands on a construction project or unexpected illnesses can also take away from profits. You can add temporary workers without losing valuable construction time. Basically, you will have a fast, reliable and easy way to find skilled labor. The savings go directly to your bottom line.

Save on Recruitment Costs of Hiring Workers

Finding skilled and reliable construction workers is just half the battle. Industrial temporary staffing also provides services that routinely require a full-time human resources department. Typically, a temporary staffing agency becomes your human resources department, minus the costs.

You can focus on details of the construction project while saving money on recruitment costs. From hiring to releasing staff, the agency takes care of all tasks. The agency will post a job announcement, search for workers, conduct interviews, run background checks and drug screens. Additionally, they will only present candidates that meet or exceed industry standards for performance.

Decrease Administrative Costs

Connected to saving on recruitment costs, your construction company will also save on administrative costs. As mentioned previously, industrial staffing agencies respond to the needs of construction clients with a broad database of trades people. This means that the agencies have already invested the administrative time of sifting through resumes, recruiting and hiring workers. Their next step is to answer your call for help.

Your role is to express staffing needs without incurring administrative costs. Unemployment insurance, exposure to workers compensation claims and expensive premium payments are not your concern. Simply eliminating the costs of catastrophic injury coverage can increase your profits.

In addition, your company is not responsible for submitting employment tax filings. You are not required to offer employee benefits to temporary workers; the agency is in charge of that. Most industrial staffing agencies are experts at handling an efficient management system for supplying workers. They are prepared to act as the outsourced human capital expert for all records associated with different job sites and skill level of workers.

While you must maintain a level of safety requirements on project sites, there is federal government assistance that could also decrease administrative costs.

Worker Safety Assistance from OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers assistance through the Alliance Program, which works various groups regarding worker safety issues. Its goal is to help in the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Groups connected with the program include trade or professional organizations, unions, businesses, educational institutions and community-based organizations.

Together with the Alliance Program, these groups help to develop compliance tools and resources about workplace safety. Your construction company can have access to educational resources that make sure your construction sites remain safe places to work. From electrical workers to pipeline contractors, the reduction and prevention of workplace hazards remain a central focus.

Although participation in this program does not exempt you from OSHA inspections, you can benefit in more ways. Protecting temporary workers on construction sites remains a challenging effort. In some situations, lines get blurred on whether the construction company or staffing agency is fully responsible for safety.

Workplace hazards remain an important issue to successful completing a construction project. Common areas of vulnerability include getting caught between site equipment, falling or being struck by objects. All workers are at-risk, even if you hire through a temporary staffing agency for a one day job or until the construction is completed. The common thread is keeping workers safe. With this voluntary alliance, you can help to make sure temporary workers are adequately trained to recognize potential hazards.

Accessing training and education tools, while benefiting from cost-savings with a temporary agency, will keep your company active during the rebirth of construction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Temporary Staffing Services

Generally, industrial temporary staffing agencies offer some type of guarantee for their services. Their business depends on providing reliable skilled labor for your construction project needs. If at any time a worker fails to live up to your expectations, you can request a replacement. Or, you can go to another agency.

For the agency, it is about living up to your expectations; for you, it is about optimizing your workforce. Using an agency for hiring means that you are not overstaffed during slow construction periods. If anticipated projects get delayed or cancelled, you are in the unfortunate position of laying off skilled workers. You also risk losing needed skills when construction picks up again.

The results? Significant savings in your construction costs that can help improve your business relationships for future projects beyond the expected 2014 expansion. Furthermore, savings from using a temporary staffing agency can boost employee morale and productivity through payroll increases and benefits for core personnel.

Your construction company experiences a win-win situation with comprehensive staffing services.