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Invoice Loans For Canadian Business

1st Commercial Credit is a professional financial services company that offers programs of significant value for small to medium sized businesses all over the world. The biggest advantage that 1st Commercial Credit offers is that it is not a bank, which means that we do not get you mired in the red tape and administrative confusion that banks tend to cause. You do not have time to waste when it comes to financing your business, and that is why we have developed a very comprehensive invoice lending program that will improve your cash situation and create the kind of financial foundation your business needs for success.

1st Commercial Credit has been offering invoice loans for years to a wide variety of Candian industries. But the difference between our service and any other financial institution is that we take the time to learn about our clients before we execute any business loans. The financial professionals at 1st Commercial Credit know that they cannot do their jobs unless they have a comprehensive understanding of each industry that they work in. The trucking industry faces different challenges than the staffing world has to deal with on a regular basis. By getting intimately involved in each of our client industries, we are able to offer loans for business that make sense and fit our clients' needs.

An Invoice Loan For Canadian Businesses Is A Smart Financial Solution

When a bank looks at your business, it has a very narrow view of how your company operates. To a bank, your company's assets are its cash and its physical property. When it comes to collateral, the bank is going to ask you to put up the tools of your trade to help secure financing to continue your operations. 1st Commercial Credit values the business you have worked so hard to generate and the outstanding invoices on your receivables aging report. We go so far as consider those outstanding invoices to be assets that represent the financial strength of your company. 1st Commercial Credit looks at your company in this way because this is how you look at your company and that helps us to provide the right programs for your financial needs.

Your outstanding invoices are assets and can be used as collateral for cash advances when you do business with 1st Commercial Credit. Lending on invoices outstanding allows us to look at your aging report as though it were monitoring and tracking your cash flow. Once again, we take this approach because we know that this is how you view your aging reports. It can get frustrating to see thousands of dollars in past due invoices that are slowing up your cash flow and causing economic problems for your organization. It is frustrating because of the hard work that goes into generating those sales. 1st Commercial Credit wants to use your hard work to your advantage and create the cash flow you need.

Invoice Loans Represent A Persistent And Reliable Cash Flow

While it can be frustrating to work with a bank because of how little the bank really knows about your company, it can be even more frustrating when the bank cannot offer a persistent and reliable source of funding for your business. A bank has ceilings it puts in place when it comes to lending you money and you never really know when you are reaching those ceilings until you get there. When it comes time to make payroll and you need your bank line of credit to pay your personnel, it can be frustrating when the bank says that your line of credit is used up.

An invoice loan for businesses is based on the recurring sales that your company generates. As long as you are putting new invoices on your aging report, then 1st Commercial Credit has what it needs to execute your invoice lending program and sustain your company's cash flow. Your Canadian business does not have time for a bank to decide whether or not it will provide you with the funds needed to pay bills or meet payroll. 1st Commercial Credit eliminates the need to rely on bank indecision by using your outstanding invoices as collateral for business loans that will keep your company operating at its fullest potential.

Invoice Loans For Business Owners Are Your Financial Answers

When 1st Commercial Credit utilizes your invoices as collateral, the focus shifts to your clients and away from your company. We utilize an automatic approval system that checks the credit profiles of your clients to see if we can approve your invoices as assets. Your client base has a collective financial power that a bank will never allow you to use in your favor. 1st Commercial Credit leverages that power in your favor and creates a sustainable business line of credit using your clients' credit scores. Because the focus is on your clients, this allows us to ignore your company's credit score. We are able to offer our services to any company, regardless of their credit status.

We have helped start-ups that have no credit to develop a reliable financial foundation through the strength of their clients' credit scores. We can establish an invoice lending program for companies with good credit and bad credit. We have been able to lift companies with existing tax liens out of financial despair and into profitability. We have also had the privilege of helping companies that have just come out of bankruptcy to get back on their feet. Our business loan service can benefit any company and you can also use our service to repair your company's damaged credit score if you want.

Lending On Invoices Outstanding Allows You To Focus On Your Business

If you ask a company owner who is not working with 1st Commercial Credit how he spends most of his day, he will probably give you a list of tasks that center around cash flow issues. He will tell you that he worries about making payroll, he is constantly trying to find new ways to fund growth projects, and he is always looking for operational funding. He will tell you horror stories about trying to use bank lending to run his business and he will recount the many times that a bank has left him without the funds he needed at a critical point.

That same conversation with a 1st Commercial Credit client would go much differently. The 1st Commercial Credit client will talk about how he is able to get his invoices approved in minutes and have the cash he needs advanced into his approved account in 24 hours or less. The 1st Commercial Credit client does not have the same cash flow issues as the other business owner because the 1st Commercial Credit client has the cash on hand to make payroll, pay his bills and apply towards growth projects. The 1st Commercial Credit client is already looking forward to next year because, thanks to his reliable cash flow situation, he can make plans that will allow next year to be even better than this year.

Use Your Own Financial Strength To Determine Your Company's Future

When you rely on bank lending to finance your ongoing operations, you are really signing your company over to the bank. You become at the mercy of the bank's decisions and you are forced to alter the way you do business based on the inconsistent financing that the bank offers. Not only that, but the bank funding is putting your company deeper and deeper into debt with each day. Bank lines of credit have interest that compounds on a regular basis and service charges that make the interest debt even higher. Bank funding is money your company does not have and must pay back over time. If it is not managed properly, bank funding can be extremely detrimental to your company's future.

1st Commercial Credit offers debt-free financing that is based solely on the business that your company is doing every day. Our business loans utilize your outstanding invoices as collateral, which is money you have already earned. All of our fees are disclosed upfront and we do not add any kinds of hidden or extra fees into the transaction when it is over. We do not add debt to your bottom line, but we do offer you a perpetual business line of credit that will only increase as your company becomes more successful.

As you look at your past due invoices and the financial challenges your company faces, you know that there has to be a better solution than bank lending. 1st Commercial Credit offers invoice loans that will put your company's economic strength to work in creating a reliable flow of cash. You will have the funds you need to make payroll and meet all of your other regular financial challenges and you will never have to worry about adding any debt to your company's bottom line. Contact 1st Commercial Credit today and let us show you how our receivables lending programs can help your company right now.