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Call Center Staffing Agencies Can Get Cash In Five Days

Anyone who follows business evolution knows the incredible ride that the call center industry has gone through over the past few years. There are certain stigmas that the call center world may never be able to shake. But for ever questionable activity in the call center industry, there are hundreds of companies and people who use their skills to make a difference in the corporate world and other people's lives. There has been such drastic change in the call center world that it is difficult to keep up with all of the new developments as they happen.

Call centers used to be a primary way that companies would reach out to prospective clients and make new sales. While the calls to residential homes has slowed down drastically and been almost replaced by Internet social media, business to business call center work is still very widely used and to a high level of success. Call centers are also still a primary source of customer service for companies that are looking to offer support on a product, or need to offer customers a way to place orders over the phone. For a short period of time, call center work was exclusively done overseas. But the incredibly dynamic world of call centers is constantly changing how companies do business and who companies look to for professional services.

Call Center Work Is Shifting Back To Where It Began

Overseas call center companies still offer considerable value to corporations all over the world. Countries such as India are still hotbeds of call center activity and the call center organizations in these countries are still able to offer significant value to their clients. But as the call center jobs in India and other developing nations expand, the quality of living increases. This means that the funding needs for overseas call center organizations are starting to increase drastically. There is still significant value to be had by utilizing these kinds of professional organizations, but the focus on call center expansion has become global and not just limited to a few countries.

Call centers got their start in the United States and in the UK, and the call center staffing industry is making a huge comeback to those countries in recent years. Most people do not realize how significant call centers were in England back in the 1950's and 1960's. The popularity of British call centers was rivaled only by the growing need for phone support in the United States. When these kinds of duties started to be outsourced to other countries, the workers in the United States and England were significantly effected. But as the salaries and costs of doing business in developing nations continues to rise, Americans and Brits are finding their call center options opening up again.

The Re-Emergence Of Call Centers In The United States and Canada

One of the reasons that call centers were able to make a return to the United States or Canada was the notion of focusing on core activities. A manufacturing firm that makes computers does not want to invest in a call center for support, but it knows that it is a necessary part of good customer service. Those kinds of functions used to exclusively go overseas. But with American call center staffing agencies developing better business models that offer real value for clients, companies all over the world are starting to invest in the professional services of American call center staffing agencies.

A good reason for the success of call center staffing agencies in the United States is the focus on training and quality employees. When a customer gets a high level of customer service from a call center employee, then that can result in repeat business. Call center staffing agencies started to train their employees to deal specifically with inbound credit card sales, collections for credit card debt, computer support calls and a variety of other very specific kind of call activities. This increased customer satisfaction and became a successful role model for other outsourcing call center agencies to follow. This attention to detail is what has allowed call center staffing agencies in the United States and Britain to flourish.

Funding Remains A Problem For Growing Call Center Staffing Agencies

When a company's growth outpaces its cash flow, then that is when financial problems usually begin. But how can a company's financial growth outpace its cash flow when cash flow is based on invoiced sales? Call center staffing agencies continue to grow dramatically in popularity around the world, and that means a significant increase in invoiced sales. This is the growth that every company loves to see. But when clients start creating past due invoices that can go 30, 60 and even 90 days past the due dates, then that will slow cash flow and make it difficult to fund ongoing operations.

The call center company that needs cash flow to hire more associates to meet growing client needs has problems because its existing clients are not paying their bills on time and the company cannot generate sufficient cash flow. The recruiting and training processes that call center agencies use to bring in new talent cost money and are ongoing operations. When you add in these ongoing operations with the need to fund payroll, then you get a situation where the call center staffing company needs cash immediately, but it cannot get what it needs to sustain operations. Difficult decisions may need to be made if a way to boost cash flow is not found.

Invoice Factoring Through 1st Commercial Credit Is The Answer

1st Commercial Credit is an international leader in invoice factoring for small to medium sized businesses. We have an extensive worldwide network of financial affiliates that allows us to advance funds in up to 17 different currencies. We can help to secure your cash flow no matter where your call center staffing agency works in the world. We have the experience and financial resources necessary to help you find the financial answers you need to fund payroll and also finance all of your ongoing operations.

1st Commercial Credit is not a bank, so we are not restricted by the bureaucracy that comes with bank lending. We have a two-page, online application that you can fill out quickly and send to us directly. We approve applications the same day that we get them and we can have your account set up in three to five business days. Once your account is set up, we can advance you funds against approved invoices in 24 hours. That is the kind of speed you need from a reliable financial partner, and it is the way that 1st Commercial Credit does business.

We do not have any per month or per invoice restrictions which can slow down the process. We also do not charge you any set-up or facilities fees. We base all of our decisions on the credit scores of your clients and not on your company's credit score. That means that we do not slow down the lending process while we are waiting to check on your credit profile. Everything that we do is centered around offering your company the fastest invoice factoring services in the world. Let us show you how invoice factoring through 1st Commercial Credit can stabilize your call center staffing agency cash flow and allow your company to continue its path towards growth and success.