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Specialty Printing Companies Need Cash Now

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have of the corporate world is that there are not such things as specialists. Most people think that all windshield manufacturers make every windshield that consumer and industrial clients need, which is just not the case. Within each industry is a sub-category of specialists that provide a lot more product than people would ever think of. For example, within the printing industry is a sub-genre called specialty printing. These are the companies that do the printing jobs that your standard printers cannot do and they are also the companies that tend to be at the forefront of printing innovation.

It is more than likely that the company which prints out those handbills you use to advertise upcoming pricing specials for your retail business is not the same company that prints the industrial labels used for asset protection and warehousing for large medical equipment. Specialty printers are the companies that print rolls of custom stickers and they also print out the durable labels that go on construction equipment. Specialty printers can utilize special papers, such as thermal print rolls, that other companies are not able to use. Once a specialty printer takes on a new customer, it usually has that customer for a very long time.

We Have All Seen The Work Done By Specialty Printers

Even if you have never seen a large piece of construction equipment up close, you have still seen the handy work of a specialty printer. Those decorative boxes that fast food restaurants use for their children's meals are done by specialty printers. It takes an experienced organization with the proper equipment to manipulate printing materials in such a way that would make those children's boxes possible. Once again, it is a matter of a company that works behind the scenes to make the visions of a large corporation come to life that creates some of the items that we consider to be very common.

The specialty printers do not stop with fast food containers. If you have ever seen any kind of container with a marketing message printed on it or any kind of customized book that is designed to deliver a marketing message, then you have seen specialty printing at work. Without the work that specialty printers do, then the world would be a lot less interesting. These kinds of printers allow there to be warning labels on heavy machinery and rolls of stickers that make it easier to expedite a package shipment. If you own a specialty printing company, then you also know just how competitive this sub-genre of the printing industry can be.

Specialty Printing Company Owners Have Several Economic Concerns

One of the financial challenges that many specialty printing companies face is that their repeat business tends to be less than traditional printers. There are the regular clients that need specialty labels or some other kind of product on a regular basis, but the large repeat clients are often hard to come by. When you have a business that runs with a lot of one-time customers, then your aging reports tend to get backed up with a lot of past due invoices. It can put a crimp on cash flow and create a series of financial issues that make it difficult to run a business.

Another issue for specialty printers is having to deal with the marketing budgets of their larger customers. When a specialty printer designs a cardboard container or unique marketing product, the printer has to deal with the client's marketing budget. When financial times get tough for any company, the marketing budget is one of the first things to get compromised. That means that it can take months for the printer to get paid. In the meantime, the printer has to find ways to purchase the supplies it needs on a regular basis and meet payroll each pay period.

Cash Flow Is What Keeps A Specialty Printing Organization In Business

A significant part of the service provided by a specialty printing group is design work done by experienced professionals. It can take a while for a printer to come up with the exact design that a client wants, and all of that design work is invoiced by the hour. When you are talking about a service that is primarily payroll, you are talking about something that requires a lot of cash to sustain. When outstanding invoices go past due, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the solid financial foundation that is required to meet payroll and other ongoing cash needs.

When a specialty printing organization needs to sustain cash flow, the default solution is to go to a bank and try to get bank funding. But bank funding just adds to the company's debt and makes its financial issues even worse. Instead of bringing in extra debt that is laced with interest, the printing organization should look no farther than its past due invoices for the funding it needs. When you partner with the right financial organization, you will be able to utilize those outstanding invoices as collateral and create the ongoing cash flow that you so desperately need.

1st Commercial Credit Will Provide That Strong Financial Foundation

1st Commercial Credit is an invoice factoring company that will help your specialty printing organization to turn its outstanding invoices into cash. We use your invoices as collateral against cash advances that go directly into your company's bank account. We deduct a small discount fee from each invoice and then put the rest of the cash into your account. As long as you are generating invoiced sales to creditworthy clients, then we will be able to create a sustained business line of credit that you can use to meet all of your ongoing financial obligations.

The 1st Commercial Credit process begins with an online application that we can approve the same day that you submit it to us. Once we have your application approved, we can set your account up in three to five business days. We use online methods to approve invoices and we use the credit profiles of your clients, and not your company's credit score. We can approve an invoice in 15 minutes and then advance you the cash in 24 hours or less. 1st Commercial Credit is not a bank, so we do not have any of the red tape that would normally slow a bank down. We do not charge set-up fees and we also do not charge any hidden fees either.

Get The Cash Flow Your Specialty Printing Group Needs Right Now

With an invoice factoring account from 1st Commercial Credit, your printing company will be able to meet vendor obligations and payroll needs on a regular basis. You will be able to take on one-time clients without wondering if you will have to wait months to get paid. We will work with you to allow you to grow your business and meet all of your corporate financial goals while making sure that you have a sustainable cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit is a worldwide leader in invoice factoring for small to medium sized businesses and we want to put a customized program together for your company today.