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Improve Cash Flow For Your Paper Recycling Company

It was not that long ago that the idea of recycling was considered a waste of time and resources. Companies around the world were hesitant to embrace green methodologies because, simply put, those methodologies did not offer any significant chance of profit. But many things have changed over the years and the more forward-thinking entrepreneurs in the business world have found a way to make green policies profitable and that has caught on with companies all over the world. Where recycling used to be considered an inconvenience that was only used when it was absolutely necessary, it is not considered to be an integral part of many business plans around the world.

Plastic and wood tend to be the items that get recycled a great deal, but paper recycling is one of the most popular green activities in the world. How did the corporate universe turn recycling from something that seemed inconvenient into something that became a profitable venture? The paper recycling industry stepped up and found ways to turn old paper into new paper pulp at a price that was much, much cheaper than cutting down a tree and turning that tree into a ream of paper. All of this new technology continues to develop and the uses for recycled paper are becoming more numerous than anyone had ever expected.

It All Started With A Desire To Save The Trees

There will always be a huge market for new lumber because there will always be people building new things. But the idea that trees needed to be cut down to supply the world with paper started to lose favor in the 1980's. There had been recycling initiatives for decades before that, but the end of the 1980's put a spotlight on unnecessary excesses and one of those excesses was wasting paper. The planet needs trees, but the human race needs paper. The paper recycling industry went to work and found a way for the planet and the human race to get exactly what they wanted. The end result is an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds and becoming a critical part of the business models of some of the largest corporations in the world.

If you ate your lunch today at a fast food restaurant that is part of a national chain, then your meal was more than likely served using recycled paper. The fast food industry was one of the first industries to embrace recycling because it made the packaging products they use constantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly. It did not take long for other major corporations to see the error of their ways and start to embrace recycled paper. If the fast food industry could expand their razor thin profit margins by using recycled paper, then so could the airline, automotive and advanced technology industry.

Recycled Paper Is In A Lot More Places Than You May Think

Almost every form of product packaging used today is made with recycled paper. All you need to do to find out if your favorite product uses recycled paper is to look on the label of the product itself. Utilizing recycled paper has gone from an inconvenience to a marketing tool that corporations are more than happy to use. If you buy your office supplies from a major office supply store chain, then take a look at the top of every legal pad that your company owns. More than likely, you will see the recycling logo which indicates that the pad of paper was made with recycled materials. It is cheaper for the pad manufacturer to use recycled materials, and sales increase for companies that recycle.

Recycled paper also shows up in places that you may never expect. Home insulation manufacturers are now using recycled paper, along with auto manufacturers and even computer manufacturers. Anywhere that paper is used to package or make a product, there is a good chance that the paper being used is recycled. This has create a huge increase in revenue for paper recycling companies, but it has also created the pressures that come with increased demand. The paper recycling industry has done such a great job at marketing its environmentally friendly solution that it is struggling to keep up with demand. It is a problem that many industries would love to have.

Recycling Paper Requires Cash And Resources

People often do not realize the amount of cash that goes into running a paper recycling business. The recycling company has to collect all of its paper product that it will recycle, turn that product into pulp, turn that pulp into the products that are requested by its customers. The entire process requires fleets of trucks, a long list of personnel and raw materials necessary to keep recycling plants going. The good thing for recycling companies is that there is a wide variety of large corporate customers to choose from, and all of those customers are ready to take on the powerful logo of a recycled product.

It all comes down to cash. Paper recycling plants require cash to operate and that means that they rely on their clients to pay their bills. Unfortunately, one of the realities of the corporate world is slow cash flow caused by past due invoices. There is rising demand among paper recycling companies that is allowing many start-up recycling companies to take on clients and start creating revenue right away. But even those start-ups are starting to feel the pinch of past due invoices in a way that could threaten to put them out of business before they even get started. The cash flow answer for the paper recycling industry is invoice factoring.

Invoice Factoring Turns Outstanding Invoices Into Cash Immediately

1st Commercial Credit is a company that has been factoring invoices all over the world for small to medium sized businesses for years. We are very familiar with the paper recycling industry and understand the unique needs that industrial customers have. We are able to utilize our invoice factoring services to advance cash into your company bank account within hours of approving an invoice. It is a process that will not only improve a paper recycling company's cash flow, but it will also give the kind of financial stability that allows for future growth projects.

The concept behind invoice factoring from 1st Commercial Credit is very simple. We will use your outstanding invoices as collateral towards cash advances. Those cash advances will be the face values of your invoices, minus our lending fees per invoice. We can approve your invoice factoring application the same day you submit it and have your account set up in three to five business days. A set-up account allows us to approve your invoices in minutes and advance you cash in 24 hours or less. Our process has been in operation for paper recycling companies all over the world, and we are more than happy to be the financial partner that a recycling company needs for success.

Do not let the opportunities in the paper recycling industry pass you by. Contact 1st Commercial Credit immediately and let us set up a custom invoice factoring program for your organization. We will improve your cash flow and get you the funding you need to grow your business and take advantage of all of the opportunities in your industry.