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Tips for Hiring the Right Accountant for Your Company

Your company finances are not only important to your livelihood and the livelihood of all of your employees, but they are also something that you want to keep confidential if you are a private company. If you own a public organization, then you will want your public financial records to be extremely accurate as well as impressive.

The future of your company depends on how well your books are kept. It is the company's books that are used to convince investors and lenders to give you the money you need for expansion and growth projects. Your company books will also help you to provide accurate tax information to state and federal agencies. That is why it is important to choose a company accountant that you are both comfortable with and confident in.

Get Referrals

A blind search for a company accountant that starts with random websites or listings in the yellow pages of your phone book can be a good way to start your quest. But if you want to start off with qualified candidates, then you need to get referrals from the people that you trust.

The chances are very high that you have friends or family members who use an accountant to at least do their taxes every year. If you have business colleagues, then they have accountants that they use to get their taxes done as well. Start talking to the people you know and get good referrals so you can create a list of reliable accountants to talk to. As Entrepreneur Magazine points out, any company that a trusted source feels is worth a referral is definitely worth checking out.

Do Personal Interviews

Any accountant who has experience in working with businesses will understand the need for an introductory meeting. If you talk to an accountant who does not want to do a meeting, then that should be a red flag immediately. An introductory meeting allows you to ask the accountant questions and find out his qualifications. It also gives you a chance to determine if the accountant has a personality that you can work with. Remember that this is the person who will be in charge of helping you to keep accurate financial records for your company. You need to feel confident in his work ethic and you need to be able to work with this person on a regular basis.

More Than Just Taxes

Your company accountant will need to do more than just prepare your annual company tax return. He will also need to offer advice on record keeping, payroll procedures and expense tracking. You may feel more comfortable if your accountant took care of your payroll as well as filing your tax documents for you. When you talk to an accountant for your company, you need to find one that is experienced in offering the kind of business services that you will need to keep your company running smoothly.

Personal As Well As Business

When you have a good company accountant, it becomes much easier to separate your business finances from your personal finances. While it is not necessary to have the same accountant do your business and personal taxes, it is certainly more convenient. Your business accountant already has all of your company financial records and you will need to file tax returns based on that information. You could create a level of confusion in your financial life if you tried to separate your business accountant services from your personal services.


You could, theoretically, do business with an accountant located anywhere in the world if you conducted your business with him over the Internet. But there is a level of convenience that goes along with having your accountant a short drive from your office. If there is ever an emergency financial situation that needs to be addressed immediately, or a situation that requires you to make repeated visits to the accountant's office, then you will be glad that you found an accountant that is close by.

Your company accountant becomes a very important part of your life. In order to find an accountant that you are truly happy with, you need to spend some time interviewing prospective candidates and finding the one that gives you the sense of confidence that you need. Take your time and be sure to find the accountant that you know will help your business to grow.

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