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Meeting Payroll Needs For A Computer Memory Manufacturer

In the corporate world, there are several vital commodities that have prices which fluctuate wildly during the course of any given week. Fuel is a good example of a vital commodity which has a volatile price. In the technology world, computer memory is the commodity that has the unpredictable price. The ups and downs of computer memory pricing can change the costs for every computer manufacturer in the industry. The unpredictable nature of memory pricing is why some computer makers buy memory in bulk. But that tactic can backfire if the market price drops below the bulk price and the computer maker is stuck with hundreds of sticks of overpriced memory.

Memory is so prominent in the computer industry that it has to be treated like a commodity that would be traded on the futures market. If a factory in Asia that makes a lot of the chips for computer memory has an industrial accident, then the price of memory will respond by spiking upwards. If computer sales slow down, then the price of memory will drop. It is a commodity that is priced like no other component in your computer. That is why it is so hard for some memory manufacturers to make a profit from year to year.

Memory Is Assembled From Parts Found All Over The World

Computer memory manufacturers have two primary suppliers; printed circuit board makers and memory chip manufacturers. The major memory makers are the companies that pull together these components and create the memory you see in your computer. You have probably heard of at least two or three memory makers in the industry, but the average consumer probably has no idea who makes the printed circuit boards or memory chips. Still, it is a growing industry that seems to attract new memory makers all of the time. Since it is relatively simple to assemble memory, many entrepreneurs look at a memory making company as a good chance to generate a profit. But reality can be harsh when it does set in.

While there are dozens and dozens of memory manufacturers in the world, there are only a few companies that actually make the memory chips. That is why the computer memory industry is so sensitive to events that occur where the chips are made. If a manufacturing plant that makes memory chips were to completely go out of business, the effects would be felt up and down the entire computer industry. It takes a talented business professional to navigate the financial waters of the computer memory industry. If you want to be able to make payroll on a regular basis for your computer memory company, then you need to know how to withstand the constant changes in the industry.

The Computer Memory Marketplace Is Enormous

While there may be many computer memory makers, there is a large marketplace where they can sell their goods. The customers for memory makers include product distributors, computer manufacturers, retail outlets, online retailers and any company that sells or utilizes computer memory. That means that, if a business professional knows what he is doing, then the aggravations that come with working in the computer memory industry can be well worth it. But with a roster of customers that comes from so many different industries, the issue of cash flow for a memory maker is bound to come up. Without cash flow, it becomes extremely difficult to make payroll and that causes a series of other problems for memory companies.

The wild fluctuations in memory pricing and the need to meet payroll on a consistent basis have conspired to put more than one memory maker out of business. A memory company that is just getting started will find it difficult to get bank financing for its payroll needs because banks know how volatile the memory business can be. A start-up, or a memory company with bad credit, will find it extremely difficult to secure the ongoing financing it needs to meet payroll. With past due invoices piling up and the next pay period just around the corner, many memory companies panic and don't know what to do. Luckily for the proactive owners of memory companies, there is a reliable way to make payroll based on the outstanding invoices the company has been generating all along.

Factoring Services From 1st Commercial Credit Provide Payroll Funding

A computer memory manufacturer that is able to maintain competitive prices will have no problem finding an audience of interested customers to buy its products. But the problems arise when those interested customers decide to delay payment and create past due invoices. Memory companies require cash for ongoing supplies and to meet payroll. Factoring services turns those outstanding invoices into cash and provides the funding necessary to meet payroll and keep the memory company in business. A company that has been manufacturing memory for a while will appreciate the reliability and consistency of factoring services from 1st Commercial Credit.

1st Commercial Credit is a global leader in invoice factoring with an international affiliate network that allows us to advance funds in up to 17 different currencies. No matter where your computer memory company is located, we can supply you with the funds you need to make payroll. As long as you have a steady flow of invoiced sales to creditworthy clients, then you have the collateral you need to make payroll and create a consistent cash flow. In the computer memory manufacturing business, few things are more important than consistent cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit understands that and has the flexible factoring programs you need to meet your financial obligations.

1st Commercial Credit Is The Perfect Financial Partner For Your Memory Company

The red tape created by a bank is not in your memory company's best interests. A bank will slow down your funding process and then add more debt to your bottom line. 1st Commercial Credit utilizes the outstanding invoices your company has generated to create a cash flow that is debt-free and consistent. We advance you the face value of your invoices, minus our small lending fee, and then give you the funds you need to meet your ongoing obligations. We do not charge set-up fees and we do not add those hidden fees that banks are so famous for. We also do not have any per month or per invoice minimums, which means that we have removed all of the obstacles to your ability to get the cash you need from the invoices you have generated.

We use an online approval system that utilizes your customer's credit score and not your company's score. We can approve an invoice in minutes and advance cash on approved invoices in 24 hours or less. We know exactly how fast things move in the computer memory business, which is why we are the perfect financial partner for your company. We have the flexible factoring services you need and the expertise to use them properly. We will make sure that you meet all of your payroll obligations and avoid the pitfalls that often cause new computer memory manufacturers to go out of business before they can really get started.