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The Asset-Based Lending Process Is Easy

Every company that does invoiced sales has assets it can use to improve its cash flow. The problem is that too many business owners are not aware of all of the financial options that they have at their disposal. When you find the right solution for your cash flow problems, then you have opened the flood gates that will allow you to grow your company and reach your corporate goals.

The key to maintaining good cash flow in your business is to find a way to overcome past due invoices. For most business owners, this can mean spending money on an extensive accounts receivables department and even getting involved in collections. But to the smart business owners who understand what an asset-based lender is, their past due invoices merely represent opportunities to take care of their ongoing business obligations.

1st Commercial Credit Is An Asset-Based Lender

Asset-based lending is a practice that any company can benefit from, and it is something that every business professional should be aware of. At 1st Commercial Credit, we can advance you up to 90 percent of the face value of your outstanding invoices, depending on the industry that you work in. Inventory is optional and we can offer up to 50% of the auction value of the finished goods. We deal with companies in industries such as gas and oil exploration, temporary and permanent staffing, trucking, product distribution, medical and IT outsourcing support. As long as you are generating invoices, we can help.

We take your legitimate invoices with creditworthy clients and use those as collateral to advance you the value of your invoices. It is an ongoing process that creates an organic line of credit that grows naturally with your company. As your invoiced sales increase, so does your asset-based line of credit. You can never borrow more than you can afford because it is all based on the business you are doing.

1st Commercial Credit Is A Strong Financial Partner

1st Commercial Credit is the top asset-based lender for small to medium sized businesses in the world. Our network of international financial affiliates allows us to advance funds in up to 17 different currencies. We can also facilitate transactions with overseas shipments and international customers.

We have over $2.5 billion in resources ready to lend to a list of clients that continues to grow up to $10 million. If you are sitting on a pile of past due invoices that are crimping your cash flow to the point where your company is financially struggling, then you need to contact us immediately.

The Asset-Based Lending Process Is Easy

We learned a long time ago that it is important for us to keep the process of utilizing our asset-based lending process easy for everyone. We can help your company out regardless of whether you have two invoices, or 200. We live by the idea that there is not situation too bit or too small for us to handle. We base all of our decisions on the legitimacy of your invoices and the creditworthiness of your clients. We do not contact your clients in any way. We leave the long-term relationships with your clients up to you.

Asset-Based Lending Revives Your Cash Flow

We have helped a variety of businesses get through a variety of financial situations through the use of asset-based lending. If you are a start-up, then you know how difficult it can be to find ongoing financing to pay your continuing obligations. It does not matter to us if you have been in business for two years or two minutes; if you have legitimate invoices with creditworthy clients, then we can help you.

Some companies hit a period of growth that is so fast that it outpaces their cash flow. They need customers to pay on their outstanding invoices to get the cash flow going again, but there will always be past due invoices that magnify the cash flow issue.

With asset-based lending from 1st Commercial Credit, you can turn that cash flow problem into a huge benefit. Instead of having to turn orders away because you cannot fill them, you will have the cash flow you need to meet all of your customer obligations and pay your ongoing operational expenses as well. With asset-based lending, you can accomplish this growth without ever having to borrow additional funds from a bank.

A Bad Credit History Does Not Bother 1st Commercial Credit

The asset-based lending process does not use your company's credit score or financial statements to approve your account. What we are more interested in is the legitimacy of your invoices and the credit scores of your clients. As long as those are solid, then we can help.

That means that an asset-based lender like 1st Commercial Credit can get you out of a lot of different situations that banks would normally avoid. If your company is just coming out of bankruptcy, then we can offer you an asset-based line of credit to prevent you from having to worry about finding financing from a bank.

If your company has federal or state tax liens, then we can still help you get the cash flow assistance that you need. We will also be able to re-establish a line of credit for you after you have just lost your line of credit from the bank. You can repair your company credit and plan your future growth through our asset-based lending process.

Plan For The Future With 1st Commercial Credit

When you start seeing the benefits of asset-based lending with 1st Commercial Credit, you begin to understand how this can replace borrowing when it comes to your future growth plans. Many companies apply to banks for loans to add new office space or launch a new product. But when you have a factored line of credit through 1st Commercial Credit, you have the financial tools you need to grow without borrowing.

This form of lending is organic in that it grows along with the increase in your invoiced sales. Instead of working hard to pay interest and service fees on a long-term debt commitment, you can work hard to build up your own cash reserves and grow your business without debt. You can plan facilities expansion projects, capital equipment purchases and even staff expansions with your own funds and grow your company at a natural pace.

If you run a business that has plenty of invoiced sales but has a stack of past due invoices that are slowing your cash flow, then you need to call us immediately. 1st Commercial Credit will put asset-based lending to work for you and allow you to benefit from the hard work that your company does to generate legitimate invoices with creditworthy clients. It is your company's money and we can show you how to get your hands on it when you need it the most.